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Bhadra Maruti

Bhadra Maruti temple at the historical town of Khuldabad, is where rests Bajarang Bali Hanuman, one of the most dutifully worshiped gods in India and every child’s superhero. Hanuman is known by many names, some of the frequently used are pavan putra, son of the wind and Maruti. It is one of the only two places where you will find Hanuman in a sleeping posture, the second known place being at Alahabad.

There are several stories associated with this temple recounting how it came into existence. One of these mentions that Hanuman, on his legendary heroic journey from Sri Lanka to Himalayas to bring the life-saving Sanjivani herb for injured Laxmana, on the return way of which he ripped apart from the earth and carried the whole mountain with him as he could not recognize the herb, he rested here for a while. And thus the place was graced by his holy touch.

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