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Daulatabad Fort

Daulatabad is just 16 km from Aurangabad and is easily accessible by road. Visit to the Daulatabad fort is a half day affair. One can book a taxi cab from Aurangabad from near the central bus stand. Its advisable to go for taxis thru the authorized taxi union which has its office just adjacent to the 'out gate' of the central bus stand. Alternatively, single tourist can also go by the state transport busses or many private busses which ply from Aurangabad.

Have some nice guavas at the entrance (Daulatabad is famous for those) and start off inside the fort. It opens at 7 AM. After a brief hike, you will reach the magnificent 'Mendha Tof' (A cannon with its head resembling like a sheep) pointing out towards the enemy. Further up, you will encounter a great moat which separates the fort from the outer boundaries.The moat would be filled with water and hungry crocodiles once upon a time.

The marvellous 'bhul bhullaiya' (Maze) follows the trench and is a dark corridor maze which anyone has to pass to climb further up. The bhul bhullaiya has some perfect traps for the enemy where he could slip and slide down directly into the trench ! The 'bhul bhullaiya guides' present there would explain many things and show you around using a flame torch for a price. For the non-enthusiast, you can always take the outer stairs constructed later by the government. Many tourists back off after this but for the committed and enthusiastic, you would like to climb further up and in the end, you reach the Moghul Pavilion (the white colored structure at the top) which seems to be the top of the fort but wait ! Climb up all the way to the flagpole which offers a panoramic view of the place around.

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